Our impact at a glance


Serving up more than 700 meals a week


Building relationships with our community since 2012


Saving up to 250Kg of surplus food a week

Meet the team

Find us Monday to Friday serving up a barbecue at Central from 6:45 pm.

Otherwise, you can find us serving up a breakfast barbecue on Saturday and Sunday at Wentworth Park from 10:00 am.


Rail, hail or shine, we will be there with smiles on.

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1 month ago
We need your token to vote! Get down to Grill’d, grab a meal and give Will2Live your token. Our bucket is located in four stores! - Grill’d Galeries, Grill’d World Square, Grill’d Harbourside and Grill’d Westfield Sydney. #localmatters @grilldburgers https://t.co/MVuN8KC0oU WILL2LIVE_LTD photo
2 months ago
Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! What random acts of kindness will you perform today to make a difference? Visit our website to voulenteer or donate #RandomActsOfKindness #will2live https://t.co/Z7IfaW9iG2 WILL2LIVE_LTD photo
3 months ago
Happy New Year to all our volunteers and supporters. We are looking forward to your ongoing support in 2020. Check out the video for our annual Will2Live Christmas Party - our biggest one yet, https://t.co/b9SzBDp7GA

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