What we do

WILL2LIVE serves up more than 700 meals a week at Central Station. Firing up the barbecue every weeknight on the corner of Pitt Street and Eddy Avenue, we provide meals to those in need. We also distribute water, clothes and toiletries; and offer bedding assistance and a listening ear.

We don’t discriminate. We’re friendly, welcoming and non-denominational. The food we hand out is often surplus and would otherwise go to waste. However, we also buy food and water for our nightly barbecues and events.

We hold events for the homeless four times a year, with food, haircuts and fantastic conversation. A big part of what we do is getting to know the folk we assist!

Our Story

I’m Will Hawes and I founded WILL2LIVE at the start of 2012. I wanted to help people I could see who needed help. I started making sandwiches at home and walking the streets of Sydney CBD in search of people sleeping rough. Over time, with support and commitment, I bought a van so I could reach more people.

It was just me initially, but now volunteers and organisations have jumped on board and are helping us make a difference. They’re greatly appreciated.

Our Ideas

Our 3 year vision is to expand our reach across Sydney and regional areas of NSW. Our 5 year plan is to operate across Australia.

The possibility of expanding our good work is only possible by the generous contributions from our volunteers, partners and donors. If you would like to help us grow our vision, feel free to get involved.

Our People

WILL2LIVE is only made possible by its army of friendly and generous volunteers. Led by the charity’s CEO, Will Hawes, you’ll find volunteers cooking up a barbecue every weeknight at Central Station.

During WILL2LIVE’s quarterly social events, volunteers serve up hot home-cooked meals, hand out clothes and toiletries, play in the band or dancing along to the music.

Despite all their amazing work, the volunteers’ biggest contribution is the warm and friendly smile they greet each person with and the relationships they build with the people they are helping.

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